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We conduct a thorough patent search (examination of patentability in a literature search, prior art etc.) and then we prepare legal opinions and analysis on patentability. In order to obtain a patent for an invention we prepare and file patent applications in different territories:

  • nationally through the Polish Patent Office,
  • on a European scale through the European Patent Office,
  • internationally through the Patent Cooperation Treaty,
  • Eurasian Patent – covering Russia and some former CIS countries,
  • OAPI patent – covering part of the French-speaking countries of Africa,
  • ARIPO patent – covering part of African English-speaking countries,

or in selected foreign patent offices, in order to obtain protection only in these countries. We undertake a process to validate European patents in Poland (see chapter: “VALIDATION of the European patent”). After obtaining protection for an invention/utility model we monitor deadlines for payments in Poland and abroad and request changes and updates to be applied in the relevant registers. In case of a violation of a patent and/or an act of unfair competition:

  • we prepare cautionary letters,
  • we provide a mediation service and assist with negotiations in order to reach an amicable settlement,
  • we conduct litigation before patent offices, the Court of Justice of the European Union or conduct civil, criminal or administrative proceedings.

Actions taken to obtain protection for utility models are slightly different from those of inventions and are adapted accordingly.

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