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We perform national and international database searches to determine the registrability of a designation and then we prepare a legal opinion on the registrability of each trademark depending on the level and geographical location of the protection sought. In order to obtain trademark protection, we prepare and file trade mark applications with the relevant authority:

  • the Polish National Patent Office (PPO),
  • EU Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO),
  • the International Bureau of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO),
  • the others.

After obtaining protection for a trademark we monitor deadlines for payments of renewal fees in Poland and abroad and request changes and updates to be applied in the relevant registers. In case of a violation of an trademarks exclusive right and/or an act of unfair competition:

  • we prepare cautionary letters,
  • we provide a mediation service and assist with negotiations in order to reach an amicable settlement,
  • we conduct litigation before patent offices, the Court of Justice of the European Union or conduct civil, criminal or administrative proceedings.
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